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Daily contact lenses


Read these instruction guidelines carefully and keep them for future reference.

Continuity Daily Contact Lenses are intended to be used once and should not be reinserted after removal. Discard the used lens after removal. Follow this procedure for the sake of your eyes and for full enjoyment of your Continuity Contacts.

Please note the UV-protection afforded by these Contact Lenses complements the protection offered by sunglasses but does not replace it.

Do not use if the packaging is damaged or already open.

Have an eye examination at least once a year by your contact lens or eye care specialist

As with most soft contact lenses, Continuity Daily Contacts should not be worn while sleeping. The lenses should be taken out before going to bed.

  • Remove the daily disposable contact lenses if you experience painful eyes, burning or red eyes, blurred vision, excessive tears, dry eyes or sensitivity to light and ask your doctor or contact lens specialist for advice.
  • Do not shower or swim wearing contact lenses unless you are wearing waterproof swimming goggles.

Safety measures for soft contact lenses

  • Use of medicines can have an adverse effect on wearing contact lenses successfully. If in doubt consult your Doctor or Eye Care Specialist.
  • Keep the lenses away from children.
  • Consult your doctor or contact lens specialist in emergencies or if you have any doubts about the information on this instruction leaflet.

Use and maintenance of continuity soft contact lenses

  • Before touching your contact lenses, you should always wash your hands, rinse them thoroughly and dry them with a clean, lint-free towel. This prevents the lens from being contaminated.
  • Never pick up the lenses with any sharp objects, like tweezers. Long or sharp nails can also damage the soft material of the lenses. So please take care.
  • Check the package for damage before you remove the contact lens. If the original packaging is damaged or broken, do not use this contact lens.

Inserting continuity soft contact lenses

The lenses are packed in a sterile blister package. Peel back the foil and carefully remove the lens from the solution. Place the lens on the tip of your index finger. Check the contact lens has not turned inside out (see picture). Pull the lower lid down with your middle finger of the same hand, bend forwards, look in the mirror with both eyes, open your eyes as wide as possible and pull the upper lid up with the fingers of the other hand (see picture). Look down while bending forwards. Gently place the contact lens on the eye and slowly release the eyelids and blink carefully.

If your vision is blurred check that you have not switched your right and left lenses or that the lens is not inside out.

If uncomfortable after a few minutes remove the lens, clean and rinse thoroughly with saline solution, check again that the lens is not inside out and re-insert.

IF THE DISCOMFORT CONTINUES - remove the lens and consult your doctor or contact lens specialist.


Removing soft contact lenses

Pull the bottom lid down with your middle finger. Look up and slide the contact lens down to the white of the eye. Carefully pinch the contact lens with the tops of your thumb and index finger and remove it. (see picture)

Tips for cosmetics

  • Always insert your contact lenses before you apply make-up.
  • Remove the lenses before you take off your make-up.
  • If your contact lenses do come into contact with cosmetics, clean the lenses with saline solution or a maintenance solution made for use with soft contact lenses.
  • Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray.
  • Use a non-greasy make-up remover.
  • Cream eye-shadows prevent powder particles from coming into contact with your contact lenses and causing irritations.
  • Never share make-up.
  • Never apply eye liner to the inner rim of the eye, only to the outer rim.
  • Be careful with aggressive substances like alcohol, acetone, nail varnish and perfume.


By carefully following the instructions of your specialist, you can prevent problems with your eyes.

For help and information, please contact us.


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